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We were recently honoured to be able to install escape chairs in the Grassy Meadows care home, situated in the London borough of Hillingdon.

Escape chairs are an absolutely essential component of any care home, assisting the elderly in the event of a fire. Whether or not your premises requires an escape chair is determined by a risk assessment, which is something we can carry out for you as designated ‘Competent Persons’. The risk assessment details your premises’ emergency evacuation plan for all residents, so escape chairs are crucial for those with impaired mobility, such as the elderly.

As escape chairs can play a major part in the safety of the premises’ residents, it’s critical that the team installing them understands the procedures necessary to ensure optimum efficiency in the case of a fire. At Bridge Fire & Security, our team’s wealth of experience ensured that we were able to install the escape chairs successfully and effectively, giving the staff and residents of the care home the peace of mind they deserve.

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